Traditional vs. Modern Market Research Approaches

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Market research is not the same as it was 20 years ago, and it will likely never be the same again. 

Market research methodologies have changed drastically with technology over the years, but both traditional and modern market research methods are useful in the insights industry today.  

Many times, new research methods offer the ability to gain insights that were not previously possible with traditional research methods. By integrating technology into methodologies, we often see more accurate and authentic insights than traditional methods were able to capture.  

Other times, it’s most effective to return to the tried-and-true research methods to get the insights needed. This can be true if you want to probe consumers further during an IDI or focus group.  

Understanding when it is best to use modern market research methods and when you should return to traditional ones is key to running successful consumer insights studies. Learn more about these types of research methods below! 


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