In-Store Shopping

In-Store Shopping

Who It’s For

Shopping behaviors and point-of-sale experiences have been and always will be a key lever in converting sales. Shelving, signage, assortment, packaging, navigation and choice are just some of the nuanced complexities that drive the need to deeply understand the in-store experience. This methodology is for anyone looking for the context and depth necessary to properly understand this key piece of the physical shopping experience, whether it’s in a grocery store, drug store or other retail establishments.

What It Is

Traditional methods require consumers to recount their experiences several days or weeks after their shopping trip or require in-person shop-alongs which are time-consuming, expensive, and unnatural. With our cutting-edge technology, your consumers can record or broadcast their shopping experiences on their smartphone in real-time, in their natural environments. They will have the ability to video record their shopping trips or engage in specific missions, guided by on-screen questions and tasks that capture fully and naturally their in-store experiences.


Consumer records their in-store shopping experience

How It Works

First, use our flexible templates to customize your project. Choose the parts of the store, the questions and tasks, and the complementary pre- or post-shop activities that best address your learning needs. In doing so, you can also choose to have a moderator join them virtually to probe in real-time as they shop. With our patented technology, you can have unparalleled access to your consumer’s shopping process as you observe and listen from the comfort of your home or office.