Concept Test

Concept Test

Who It’s For
Launching a new product or brand messaging without knowing exactly how your target consumers will receive it can be a daunting task. Our Concept Test capability is for brands that want a consumer’s most authentic feedback to things like innovation products, new packaging, or fresh brand messaging.

Concept Test
What It Is
Video-based concept tests allow businesses to get meaningful consumer feedback on the video. Consumers are asked to read messages out loud during a recorded selfie video activity and share their thoughts. Through these collective videos, you can look for consumers’ gut reactions, context shared, facial expressions, tone and sentiment in their responses. Traditional survey-based concept tests are made up of closed-ended questions, which eliminate the opportunity to hear additional context behind the consumer's response.

Since video-based concept tests provide more in-depth verbal responses, you can confidently develop compelling, insight-driven marketing strategies. Having access to this level of authentic insights greatly increases the likelihood that consumers will find value in your product.

How It Works
Concept tests can be done asynchronously via a recorded selfie video or during a live moderated interview. Our platform allows you to present consumers with any photo or video stimuli, either on their smartphones or computers. Conducting a video-based concept test asynchronously gives you the ability to quickly gather deep, rich insights without the burden of scheduling live sessions.

On the other hand, you can present your new concept to your consumer through a screenshare during live IDIs. This allows you to probe consumers for their feedback in real-time for as long as you’d like. Because our platform captures the consumers’ faces as well as the stimuli, you’ll never miss a moment of their honest reactions.