In Home Usage Test

In Home Usage Test

Who It’s For

Developing an innovation product, a line extension or assessing the efficacy of an existing product begins with consumer feedback. Our In-Home Usage Test methodology is for brands that value consumer feedback in the context of product development.


What It Is

Visiting consumers’ homes to observe them interacting with various products would undoubtedly yield compelling insights. However, doing this is time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, most consumers are hesitant to give any brand this level of access into their lives. With our in-home usage testing methodology, brands can ask consumers to experience their products and share their thoughts and feedback – all on the consumer’s terms. Innovation teams, R&D teams and Marketing teams often leverage an IHUT to help them with their respective initiatives.

How It Works

To begin, you can either recruit consumers that have already purchased your product or send them the product. Once your consumers have your product in their possession, they will be asked to complete each of your activities within the QualSights app. Through these activities, you will be able to see consumers unboxing the product and using the product for a set period of time. You will also hear them share their feedback about the product features, why they would or would not use this product and much more. You can conduct this testing live or asynchronously. If you opt for the live option, you can probe consumers in real-time as they are testing your product.