Why QualSights?


Our patented technology will allow you to develop a truer understanding of your consumers, no matter where they are.


Never again sacrifice speed for depth. Our end-to-end system makes the entire process of capturing-analyzing-storytelling more efficient than ever before.


Observe and interact with consumers all over the world - in their languages, in their homes and on their schedules.


Your creativity, your consumers’ time and your team’s breadth of learning aren’t limited by methodologies, engagement styles or technological barriers.


Our cutting-edge technology exists to help you keep pace with the changing demands of your role and the changing needs of your consumer.

Enterprise grade security and privacy

We have the utmost respect for our customers and their consumers, and will always consider and create the latest in IT security features to uphold that respect.

Our Solutions

Flexible Insights Platform

Design your own project by mixing and matching various methodologies and engagement styles. Learn More

Innovation Framework

Build your research using existing templates so you can increase efficiency and scale knowledge. Learn More
Trusted Partners of

Fortune 500 Companies

in CPG, pharmaceutical, retail and technology.

How it Works


Bring your own consumers or let us find them for you, no matter where they live.


Capture any moment from any consumer, mixing media and methods.


Analyze data faster than ever with a powerful suite of sophisticated AI tools.


Easily create compelling visual presentations.

Platform Capabilities

All-in-One Solution

Design, analyze and present research with one platform. Select from various methods including mobile ethnographies, digital interviews, concept tests and more.

Flexible Data Capture

Connect with consumers and collect research data through smartphones, laptops, hands-free cameras and sensors.

Any Media Type

Capture any form of media including LIVE videos, recorded videos (with NO limit on length), photos, audio and text.

Powerful AI Analysis

Expedite analysis with powerful suite of AI tools that make it easy to find and present the insights that matter.

LIVE Mobile Video

Remotely observe & interact with consumers in real-time via their smartphone with unmatched reliability.

Visual Presentation Builder

Bring insights to life using built-in tools for easy drag & drop creation of highlight reels and visual presentations.

Efficient Recruiting

Quickly and easily recruit high quality participants from anywhere in the world.

Blend Quant & Qual

Erase the line between quant & qual and confidently find deep human insights irrespective of the approach.

Bridge Physical & Digital

Capture in-person behavior as well as digital behavior, using our digital screen capture technology.

Insights Needs


Watch and listen as your consumers shop in-store or online. Learn More


Understand how they react to and experience new and existing products. Learn More


Know what consumers think about categories, brands and new concepts. Learn More

Mix and Match

Combine various templates for multi-objective or journey-based projects. Learn More

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