To Drink, or Not To Drink

A study on consumers' preferences for alcoholic vs. non-alcoholic beverages

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To drink or not to drink? 

Until recently, the answer to this question would have likely been “drink” at events where alcohol was offered. But now, with the introduction of non-alcoholic beverages (N/A beverages), such as non-alcoholic beers, wines and liquors, into the market, alcohol is no longer the automatic choice for consumers at social gatherings. 

N/A beverages look and taste very similar to alcoholic ones, which often helps ease the social pressures to drink at events, giving consumers back the autonomy to choose when they’d like to drink alcohol. 

Now that N/A beverages are beginning to be accepted into the market, you may be wondering: 

  • How do consumers decide which N/A beverage to choose?  
  • What do consumers consider a “good” N/A beverage?  
  • What are the main reasons consumers aren’t as interested in alcohol anymore? 

Find the answers in our recent study on N/A beverage preferences below!  


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