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The Changing Landscape of Meal Kit Subscription Services

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Increased inflation and the looming threat of a recession is undoubtedly changed the way consumers choose to spend their money. This has been no different for the world of groceries. 

Consumers, who were once excited by the idea of meal-kit subscriptions, are decreasing their use of these services recently. Although many of these services have similar costs to buying regular groceries, consumers do not like the commitment required with a subscription to use these services.  

This is where grocery store meal kit options could become a new player in this space. 

In our latest study about meal kits, learn: 

  • Past consumer views on meal kit subscription services 
  • The current, changing views consumers have on meal kit subscription services 
  • Current familiarity with grocery store meal kit options 
  • Consumers’ opinions and purchase intentions for grocery store meal kit options 

Gather all the insights below! 


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