Location Insights & Inspections

Your Challenge: Generate faster and more cost effective location-based insights around quality assurance, safety audits and customer service.

QualSights’ Solution: QualSights offers the most innovative capabilities in the world for fast, efficient and cost-effective management of location-based insights. Generate fast, AI-automated insights around product quality inspections, safety audits and customer service through field staff or remotely via onsite resources from anywhere in the world. QualSights is the ONLY platform that combines flexible data collection through mobile devices, visual/video context and verification of inspection tasks, the opportunity to observe and interact with remote resources in real-time, and AI-powered analysis/reporting for ultimate speed without any sacrifice to quality of results and insights. Our mobile video technology allows work to be conducted by field staff, third party or client resources. Inspections can be viewed remotely within minutes of completion or observed LIVE with the unique capability to interact with inspection personnel. Viewers can tag important moments, add notes and leverage AI-generated keywords and video clips that expedite analysis and presentation.

QualSights can help you with

Quality Assurance

Safety Audits

Customer Service