Digital Qualitative Research

QualSights simplifies remote qualitative research, improves time to insight and reduces reliance on more costly in-person fieldwork. Remotely observe what your participants are experiencing while having the ability to interact with them in real time. Probe for answers, ask for clarification and dig deeper to gain strong insights. Maximize budget by reducing or eliminating travel expenses and improve time to insight thanks to the data analysis capability of QualSights’ artificial intelligence. QualSights enables you to obtain immediate in-context feedback that yields deeper and more accurate insights over using recall-based methods.

The Problems We Solve and the Value We Provide

Qualitative research fieldwork can be time consuming and costly. It requires travel and substantial time spent conducting the research, gathering insights, creating transcripts, analyzing the data, and presenting findings. With QualSights’ remote option for qualitative research, you greatly condense the amount of time spent gathering and analyzing data, and significantly reduce costs associated with travel by conducting research directly from your desk. QualSights is the only company that provides a true digital parallel to in-person qualitative research thanks to our ability to broadcast reliable live video from smartphones while participants are mobile in their natural environment indoors or outdoors.

QualSights enables you to:
  • Ask probing questions while remote and interact with participants in real time
  • Record video without time or length limits to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • Conduct research with participants using a smartphone, smart glasses or a 360° camera
  • Create instant video clips for presentation through an easy-to-use drag and drop system
  • Find the moments that matter fast and generate insights more quickly

Types of Digital Qualitative Research

mobile ethnography

Mobile Ethnography

Conduct day-in-the-life studies of customers from various demographic and geographic backgrounds to better understand their lifestyle, behavior and culture. Get insights into customers in-home activities or in-store experiences using a combination of photos, audio and video, and ask probing questions while interacting with participants live. With in-the-moment mobile ethnographies, you receive deeper insights and more accurate answers than with traditional recall-based methods.

dairy studies

Diary Studies

Use diary studies to understand customer behavior on a long-term basis. Rather than using an online community website, QualSights offers diary studies through the participants’ smartphones so they can easily record their thoughts and input data wherever they are and at any time. Using a combination of video, photos, photo bursts and audio, you can gain a better understanding of your customer’s experience and the customer journey.

remote in depth interviews

Remote In-Depth Interviews

Using QualSights’ platform, you can conduct interviews remotely and in real time. Conduct a live two-way HD video call with research participants, show them digital stimuli, take notes, ask probing questions, and record the interview.

remote focus group

Remote Focus Groups

Use QualSights to run focus groups remotely via a HD group video call. Have discussions with participants from around the world, invite interpreters to translate, take notes, bookmark/timestamp moments, and record the focus group.

video survey

Video Surveys

Survey your participants in real time, record their reactions and dive deeper into their answers with QualSights. Ask a series of questions to multiple people and observe their facial expressions and answers, all in-context.

Want Faster Time to Insight?