What’s Trending: “Sober Curiosity”

How non-alcoholic beverages are viewed and used by today's consumers

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Unlearn what you think you know about sobriety. 
Consumers’ attitudes toward alcohol are shifting, and sobriety is now the latest trend. But, just because many consumers are testing the waters of a living lower-alcohol lifestyles does not mean they are willing to become 100% sober just yet. 
Non-alcoholic (N/A) beverages– such as alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits– allow consumers more autonomy to decide which events they would like to avoid alcohol at. This doesn’t mean that sober-curious consumers will always choose N/A beverages over alcoholic ones, but N/A beverages provide alternatives that look and taste like alcohol, which helps ease social pressures on consumers to drink at each event where alcohol is involved. 
So why do consumers like to drink N/A beverages if all aren’t completely sober? Gather insights from our latest study on N/A beverages below! 


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