QS Video Surveys

Add depth of insight and context to surveys. Traditional quantitative and qualitative research has generally been conducted separately at the expense of speed and efficiency. QualSights gives you the ability to combine these methodologies in a cost-effective way and at the speed of business by embedding quantitative surveys into our visual insights platform. Use survey-based responses as a baseline and dig deeper into the “why” behind the answers with our qualitative solution.
QS Video Surveys – Quant + Qual

Quant + Qual: The Best of Both Worlds

QS Video Surveys – Quant + Qual
Survey results can be notoriously unreliable. Between disengaged respondents and even fraudulent response rates which have been measured as high as 30%, data quality is serious problem. Eliminate fraud through visual verification while adding context and depth to the responses you receive. Combine the best of both worlds in an efficient method that enables anyone in your organization to get fast, reliable feedback from your market.

Add Depth And Context To Your Surveys