Observe and Interact with Shoppers in Real Time

Shopper Insights

Your Challenge: Improve in-store experiences by developing faster and broader path-to-purchase insights.

QualSights’ Solution: Discover factors behind the frequency and profitability of shopping trips. Observe shoppers LIVE, interact with them remotely and get their point of view in real-time while they shop at any location in the world. QualSights’ technology can also help you enhance traditional shopper intercepts and shop-alongs by broadcasting them live to remote teams, allowing broader participation and immediate feedback. In addition, QualSights has introduced a new form of shopper intercept - one where you can recruit customers as they enter a store and experience their point of view through a smartphone or smart glasses. Use QualSights for significantly faster time to insight and to get richer data at greater scale.

Use For

  • - Shop Alongs
  • - Shopper Intercepts
  • - Shopper Experience
  • - Mystery Shopping

Get Faster & Deeper Shopper Insights!