In-Person Fieldwork Research

QualSights enhances in-person fieldwork and market research while improving time to insight.

Automatically receive searchable transcripts, sentiment analysis, timestamped video clips and more. We help you focus on the research at hand rather than on administrative tasks after the research is done so you can deliver your findings more quickly and efficiently.

The Problems We Solve and the Value We Provide

Many research studies are still done in-person and in-person research can be time consuming and expensive. You have to pay for travel, set up the research study and analyze the results—all before you can determine trends and insights.

With QualSights, you have the option to send fewer people to the in-person research location because you can live stream your participants’ answers and reactions to team members in the office. Both internal employees and clients can view the live stream. Even though your team or clients are not physically there, they can still ask question in real time and interact with the research participants. Furthermore QualSights uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to help your team quickly analyze and present any data captured in the field. Audio transcripts, emotion and sentiment analysis, and keyword and topic analysis are all generated in a matter of minutes. Then easily drag and drop video clips for presentation so you can focus on the insights instead of administrative tasks.

QualSights enables you to:
  • Use any form of media (videos, photos and audio) to capture in-person field work
  • Allow remote teams to ask probing questions and interact with participants in-the-moment
  • Record video without time or length limits to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • Bookmark moments, take notes, and record or live stream video
  • Find the moments that matter fast and generate insights more quickly

The Types of In-Person Fieldwork Research



Become more efficient and bring fewer people along while conducting in-home observation & interviews or in-store shop-alongs & intercepts. Use the QualSights app to stream live and allow team members to stay involved remotely. Easily bookmark important moments and focus on your questions rather than data collection. Leverage artificial intelligence to reach insights faster.


In-Person Interviews

By using the QualSights app for in-depth interviews done in-person, you have the ability to quickly bookmark important moments, take notes, record or live stream video, take photos, capture audio, and more. QualSights’ artificial intelligence reduces the amount of time you spend analyzing the interview so you can focus on the insights.

Focus Groups At a Facility

Focus Groups (At a Facility)

QualSights can integrate with A/V equipment at any facility without needing additional hardware. We help clients conduct research at various facilities across the world and can quickly onboard new facilities. With QualSights, you receive HD-quality live streaming and recording, the ability to interact with the moderator and each other, time-stamped notes, plus instant transcription and AI analysis.

Focus Groups Via Smartphone

Focus Groups (Via Smartphone)

With a smartphone, any room can become a focus group room. Set the smartphone on a tripod and rather than a one-way mirror, clients and team members can watch the focus group in real time. This can happen whether your participants are in the room next door or completely remote in another city.

Want Faster Time to Insight?