Flexible Insights Platform

Flexible Insights Platform

Freedom of Design
Our customer insights platform offers unparalleled flexibility and a breadth of research methodologies. We empower our clients to design their research projects using any type of research methodology, with any form of media or activity type, for whatever length of time. We understand that flexibility is at the heart of good qual research, and that’s why we have designed our insights platform to give our clients ultimate autonomy.

Flexible Insights Platform
One Platform with Unlimited Possibilities
Whether you want insights in real-time or you’re looking for longitudinal feedback, our consumer insights platform offers numerous qualitative and qual-quant hybrid methodologies to help you achieve your research goals. We’ve built our qualitative and quantitative research tools to work seamlessly together so that you can mix and match methodologies to achieve your research objectives. Choose to interact with consumers in real-time or asynchronously, in their moments. The possibilities are endless.

Interaction Types:
Live Moderation vs Asynchronous Self-Guided
At home, in-store, at work, anywhere!
Media Types:
Video, photo, audio, text
Diary, ethnography, in-home usage, behavioral observation, concept test, screen recording, video surveys, surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews

Flexible Insights Platform
Analysis with Ease and Efficiency
In addition to offering a variety of options to capture data, QualSights helps expedite analysis by providing a powerful suite of AI and analysis tools which gives you:
  • Automatic transcription
  • Automatic translation
  • Keyword and theme generation
  • Keyword and brand spotting
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis
  • Video object and scene recognition
  • Automatic video clipping
  • Observed behavior quantification
  • Tabular transcriptions by question
  • Cross-team collaboration tools
  • Data exports
  • Presentation builder
Since we are a global company, our AI is capable of processing over a hundred languages all around the world so that you can understand your consumer regardless of what language they speak.

With QualSights, you’ll also be able to create your presentation easily within the platform itself. Once you’ve captured all relevant insights, you can build compelling presentations and highlight reels - clipping, captioning and adding transitions - to share consumer stories with your team.