Connect with Consumers Globally to Measure Brand Equity

Brand Insights

Your Challenge: Maximize brand equity by being able to quickly gather insights from consumers with various demographic and geographic backgrounds.

QualSights’ Solution: Quickly connect with consumers anywhere in the world to measure brand perception, brand loyalty, and more. Interview consumers directly with remote in-depth interviews or as a group with video focus groups, or get in-context insights using diary studies and mobile ethnography if needed. Combine qualitative with quantitative to do short video surveys across a larger group of participants, bringing life to the numbers. Allow teams out in the field to broadcast their work to stakeholders who couldn't be present in-person but still want to stay involved. Post data capture, leverage QualSights’ platform and AI capabilities for efficient analysis and presentation leading to quicker turn around times.

Use For

  • - Brand Perception
  • - Brand Loyalty
  • - Brand Affinity
  • - Brand Equity

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