QualSights’ qualitative research platform enables advertising, brand, design, innovation, marketing and research agencies to enhance existing in-person research and to offer new, more efficient and cost effective remote research methods. Gain the edge over your competition and wow your clients with a cutting edge qualitative research platform in your toolkit. With QualSights, you can conduct remote interviews, ethnographies and shop-alongs, all in real time. You and your client can watch what’s happening when it’s happening, while interacting and questioning participants as the research is being conducted.

Be your clients’ hero with QualSights. Our platform allows for custom branding, more efficient data collection and deeper insights that give your clients a better understanding of their customers. Additionally, our artificial intelligence helps you analyze your research more quickly and accurately while providing you with drag and drop video clips to add to client presentations.
QualSights allows you to:
  • Remotely interact with participants and ask probing questions in real time
  • Use any form of media (videos, photos, and audio) to capture in-person fieldwork or conduct research remotely in real time
  • Record video without time or length limits to ensure you get exactly what you need
  • Create instant video clips for presentations through an easy-to-use drag and drop system
  • Find the moments that matter fast and generate insights more quickly

How Agencies Use QualSights

Market Research

Market Research

Conduct shopper insight interviews, go on virtual tag-alongs, remotely interview participants through live mobile video, and build empathy through Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights. QualSights’ remote fieldwork option delivers rapid insights by allowing you to interact with participants in real time. You can also enhance in-person interviews and focus groups by recording or live streaming video, taking photos, quickly bookmarking moments and making analysis fast and easy through QualSights’ artificial intelligence.


Take your clients on inspiration tours to see design elements in different offices, stores, or buildings. Interview participants, including remotely, on their experience with a certain product or location. Test new product designs, research the customer experience and receive immediate transcription, video/object analysis, and emotion/sentiment analysis while doing so.


Use QualSights’ qualitative research platform to conduct ethnographies as well as test new ads and other digital stimuli. You can experiment by testing new products and audiences, quickly and effectively. Learn what resonates with your target market and be able to interact with research participants in real time.

Want Faster Time to Insight?