About QualSights (formerly Georama)

QualSights is an end-to-end qualitative insights platform that provides brands, agencies and consulting firms a dramatically faster and more affordable way to generate deeper insights at global scale. Clients use QualSights to remotely observe and interact with customers as they shop for, use or consume products in their natural environment; conduct video interviews or focus groups; and enhance in-person fieldwork. QualSights’ software allows customers or field staff from anywhere in the world to broadcast their perspective LIVE from smartphones, smart glasses or 360° cameras in reliable HD video while completely mobile indoors and outdoors, or via A/V equipment at a facility. Clients can observe on any device and probe/interact in real-time to better understand customers. QualSights makes qualitative research scalable by providing the ability to remotely capture insights in real-time combined with powerful AI that makes it fast and easy to find and present the insights that matter most.
QualSights has had an interesting journey to get to where we are today. QualSights started off as Georama, a travel company which then switched to enabling virtual travel through live interactive video. Our technology has been used by tourism, education, hospitality, and industrial organizations to give their customers, partners, or internal stakeholders a live and personalized virtual tour of any location when a physical visit was not feasible. Over time we made the decision to transition the use of our technology from helping people remotely explore locations to helping companies remotely understand people. You can learn more about our rebrand from Georama to QualSights here.

Our Team

QualSights has offices in US and India. Our team is diverse, experienced, and driven to build a platform that will change the world. We are backed by incredible advisors and investors. And we’re confident that we will be the ones to impact the way people understand the world.
Nihal Advani

Nihal Advani CEO

Milan Sharma

Milan Sharma CTO

Sean Fallon

Sean Fallon VP of Sales