Scalable Project Templates

Scalable Project Templates

Our platform was built on the idea that speed and depth can co-exist and our Scalable Project Templates are one of the many examples of this. Regardless of project type or learning objective, you’ll have the ability to standardize your research across a number of categories, brands and regions allowing you to become more efficient at gathering and extracting insights at scale across the organization.

Benefits of Scalable Project Templates

Qualitative research can be time-consuming. With flexible templates, you accelerate the time needed get to the insights through faster research design, project setup, analysis and presentation-building.
Manage cross-functional teams effectively and extract maximum value from your projects. Consistency in similar project types creates a common vernacular across teams, allows for cross-team collaboration, structures the previously unstructured, and compounds the value of insights as you benchmark across projects and time.
Best Practices:
We understand that experience, passion and training vary across individuals. So leverage the global expertise of those who have mastered the art of qualitative research and the science of new-age qual-quant hybrid features, allowing you to scale talent and experience.

How It Works
Bring your own templates or start with one of ours. In either case, you control what pieces are flexible based on the needs and structure of your team, reusing them each time you're in need of that type of learning. When you’re ready to launch a similar project at a later date, you can do so without having to start from scratch.

Examples of Templates