Georama has changed its name to QualSights

We are excited to announce that Georama has changed its name to QualSights! Georama was founded with a vision of using the power of live mobile video to connect people with remote locations. Our platform has been used by tourism, education, hospitality and industrial organizations to give their customers, partners or internal stakeholders a live and personalized virtual tour of any location when a physical visit was not feasible. Gradually, we found that our technology can make the biggest impact by connecting businesses with consumers around the world. In today’s competitive world, understanding your customer is no longer an option but a necessity. To create innovative customer experiences and design more user-friendly products, companies need insights, and true insights come from deeper understanding of consumer behavior. Traditionally, understanding and interacting with consumers in the physical world has been a time consuming, labor intensive and expensive process. Companies using QualSights can solve those problems by using the power of reliable live video to reduce costly/inefficient travel, and sophisticated artificial intelligence to significantly decrease the time it takes to capture, analyze and present qualitative data. The result? A dramatically faster, easier and more affordable way to generate deeper insights at global scale, leading to better products and experiences. We have been working with some of the world’s top CPG, Retail, Durable Goods and Pharma companies and agencies over the past year and decided to change our name to QualSights to better reflect our focus and vision for the company.